This is my first attempt of making a looping gif or ‘Zoescope.’ I was stuck for ideas when I first started all i could think of doing was people moving, water or some sort of shape but these ideas didn’t appeal that much to me; people because it was too easy and predictable and not at all abstract, water because i would of been to complex trying to keep up with the physics of waves or ripples and  shapes because i felt it would of taken too much time to get symmetry in each frame eventually I chose to use fire because the shapes that flames make are unpredictable and when drawing them you cant go that wrong.

At first this was hand drawn and I was going to either take photos of it to create the Gif or scan it but the lighting in the photos was awful, either pitch black or drowned in flash, and I didn’t have the use of a scanner so I drew it in to Photoshop using a graphics tablet. This gave me a slight helping hand because once it was drawn in I could tweak bits to make the lines smoother and more fluid than the hand drawn version.

If I was to do something like this again I would add a bit of colour to it to make it more vibrant  to look at and would also use a  thinner brush to make the line work a bit more crisp to look at.


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