Kinetic Typography

This week I had to create some sort of kinetic typography to an audio clip, I chose to use the example audio I had been given, which was the beginning of the sales pitch in Wolf of Wall Street. For this task I had to use Adobe After Effects which I was okay with because I have used it before and once I refreshed my memory with it I was fine the only thing I was worried about was the time because I know from previous projects that doing only 5 seconds of rendered time can take around an hour of work.

I tried to convey the emotion of the audio through the words and the way they came on and left the screen, for example in the line “talkin’ bout whales here” the word “here” is almost at a whisper and is probably the least important word on the screen at that time so I had it move up from the bottom screen in almost a sheepish manor and then it changed the position of the other words on screen to show that although it’s whispered and could be missed it is a word used and needed.

next time, because I refreshed my memory with how the program works, I would experiment with other effects and try and use masks a few more times and make them smoother than the one I used this time

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